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International Medical Coordinator

Medical Tourism Business

As one enterprise in the IMS Group, Japan's largest medical care group, I-Cell Networks provides support for foreign patients would like to receive medical care in Japan.

As an international liaison for foreign patients who would like to receive medical care in Japan, we provide the following services for patients from China, the United States, Europe, Russia, Mongolia and many other countries around the world, giving them access to medical facilities in Japan.

Before arriving to Japan • Arranging hospital
• Provide quatation for the total treatment fee
• Support to apply medical visa
While in Japan • Translate the documents
• Provide language support to the patient and the accompanying person
While under treatment • Send medical interpreter to the hopital with the patient
• Coordination between the hospital and the patient
After returning home • Translate the result and patient referral documents
(these can be provided for an additional fee)

International Medical Coordinator Support

As an International Medical Coordinator

I-Cell Networks is certified as an international medical coordinator (registration no. B-009), and, as such, can serve a guarantor for foreigners applying for medical visas in Japan. In that role, we provide a range of services that extend from visa procedures to support services throughout the time that the patient is in Japan.

What is a medical visa?