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The medical care process

Before arriving to Japan ①Inquiry Please contact us by phone, through our website or through an agency. In case of an agency, their service coordinator can assist you with the steps below.
②Interview 1. Please send us a copy of your medical record
■past medical history ■present illness ■diagnosis ■current treatment ■desired medical services
※After receiving your medical record, we will send you a applicaton format. Please send us the completed application format. All information will be forward to Japanese doctor

2. Please inform us of your preferences regarding the following
■dates of visit to Japan  ■accommodations  ■acquisition of visa ■optional services while in Japan(e.g. interpretation, transportation)
③Matching 1. Based on your medical information, we will select the suitable hospital and physician for you among the more than 80 hospitals in the IMS Group and affiliated hospitals.

2. We will inform you about the possible treatment plans, treatment term, length of stay, and a quotation for treatment.
④Decision 1. 1. If you agree with the medical facility that we have selected for you, you will be asked to submit an official request for treatment. At the same time, we will start preparing your medical visa application.

2. As soon as we receive your payment, we will make appointments for your physical examination and treatment or other necessary procedures.
⑤Payment 1. Payment is to be done in advance.

2. After receiving your payment, we will provide you with detailed information.

3. Also, we will arrange your accommodation and anything else needed.
While in Japan ⑥Arrival If necessary, we can assist you with optional services such as transportation or arranging an interpreter to meet you at the airport and see you off at the end of your trip.
⑦Testing and treatment All tests and treatment are carried out as scheduled. You will be accompanied by an interpreter from our International Medical Support Centre.
⑧Payment When all of the services have been completed, we will notify you of any differences beween the paid amount and the actual costs.
Returning home ⑨Returning home If necessary, we can help you book your airline tickets, or have an interpreter accompany you to the airport.
⑩Refund In case of excess payment, we will return the balance.
⑪follow-up Translate the result(commercial)
Support to arrange the follow-up medical check and re-examination in Japan.