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No. 1 in reliability

Japan's largest medical group provides full support.


The medical facilities in the IMS Group, totaling more than 80, as well as affiliated medical organizations, provide a full spectrum of care you can count on.
With its 80-plus facilities, the IMS Group is Japan's largest hospital group.

We provide a wide range of of medical care spanning everything from preventive care to rehabilitation, and proactively promote the introduction of state-of-the-art technology such as sophisticated medical equipment and computers, in order to accommodate a broad spectrum of patients.


IMS Group

Foundation Date
March 1956
CEO Tetsuya Nakamura
Number of Emloyee
Number of beds
Head Office
Itabashiku Tokyo
Branch Office
Tokyo, Chiba, Gunma, Kanagawa, Hokkaido, Miyagi, Yamagata, Hawaii etc

IMS Basic Policy

■Providing the required medical treatment and health care quickly and safely, to all.
■Facilities that provide reassuring medical treatment and health care on an equal basis
■Providing medical treatment and health care closely tailored to local residents and local medical facilities
■Being aware of our role as health care providers, and educating ourselves in improved technologies
■Sound management aimed at providing advanced medical treatment and health care

I-Cell Networks


The mission of I-cell Networks is to support and provide new ideas to enhance the IMS management.
We have started to support the patients from overseas by founding "International Medical Support Center" at 2010. At Aug 2013, we have been authorized from the government as a "International Medical Coordinator", and have changed the name of our department as "International Department", which means, we will take over all of the international business including comprehensive medical check-ups, medical treatment, and others. In the other hand, we also support the IMS Group by introducing IT to the hospital, manpowe training, managing the medical facility.